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Keep your elves happy lest they riot and ruin your fortress!


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This game has so much potential for it's simplicity and such. But it's still very rough...

1.) The only danger is the elves themselves, One gets to mad for no reason what so ever and they spread it like a disease quickly. The elf's anger needs a HUGE nerf cause even in perfect situations when large amount of chairs, tables, beds, room and farms are available they get mad for no reason. Slow there temper increase stat and maybe even warn the player with a textbox that says "Your elves are getting restless." This is the biggest flaw in the game atm. 

2.) There Needs to be something to prepare for. Even if a few zombies come at night that are after your elves and you need to build a wall or something that would be really cool and make the player have to balance Safety and room which is really cool. There dosn't even need to be combat, just something that if the player dosn't have a house or walls or something they get punished.

Also... Some smaller adjustments

-Start with fewer elves.

-Elves should come every 2-3 days.

(Hope if you see this you fix these things :7)

I can feel there hatred for me burning, the elves ran amuck in my perfect kingdom, all it took was one to rise up, the destruction was beautiful.